Exclusive Mary Carmichael Yoplait Dairy Crest has signed up playground sensation Pokémon for its first character licensed range launching next week. The company claims it will be the "biggest ever licensed launch". YDC also plans to extend Frubes into main meal desserts and after school snacking with the new Choc and Toffee Frubes six pack on September 4. Pokémon characters will grace four x 100g packs of raspberry and strawberry yogurt (rsp £1.19) and six x 50g packs of strawberry, raspberry and peach fromage frais (rsp £1.09). The combined range, which features activities on yogurt packs and guess who' quizzes on fromage frais, targets both boys and girls aged three to 10. Its launch is timed to coincide with back to school plans and Pokémon's return to TV. YDC dominates the children's chilled yogurts and desserts sector. It said Frubes were perceived as a healthy snack and the new flavours would extend the core age range. Frubes will benefit from a £2.5m ad campaign this year, including TV from July to September, and cinema. Sampling squads will target children's activities in autumn half term. {{P&P }}