SCA Hygiene Products gave Grocer Club members the opportunity to win free boxes of Velvet Performance facial tissues in our October 28 issue, and loads of you responded. Senders of the first five entries drawn after the closing date each received 65 boxes of Velvet Performance. One delighted winner was Michael Carnall, who recently opened Wheatley Post Office & Manor Stores, situated in the north of Nottinghamshire midway between Gainsborough and Retford. He is a long standing reader of The Grocer, having previously worked for Guinness Brewing before running his own business consultancy. Michael acquired his current premises 18 months ago but it wasn't until August, after complex negotiations with Post Office Counters to re-establish a village post office, that he completed the major refurbishment and transformed the premises into a c-store. Although only just exceeding 600 sq ft, Michael was able to create space for an in-store bakery and an acceptable amount of refrigeration. He said: "With the nearest general store three miles away, the village was crying out for a c-store. I now offer local people a comprehensive range of goods, including grocery, confectionery, beers, wines and spirits, fresh bread, greetings cards, soft drinks, packaged grocery, milk and so on." Michael added: "Turnover is increasing by the week. Although villagers do their major shop in either Gainsborough or Retford, they are realising they can come to me for their daily needs." {{GROCER CLUB }}