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Confectioners are missing out on potential online sales

More than 90% of Brits have bought confectionery – but just 6% of them have bought it online, according to new research.

Confectioners are missing out on a massive online opportunity, according to a new report from Kantar Media, and should look to improve their online retail presence.

Its Online Shopper Intelligence report found that, of the three leading supermarket websites, attracted the highest number of confectionery shoppers, with 59% of its users visiting the confectionery section, compared with 42% at and 19% at

The research also revealed differing shopping behaviours across the three websites. The search option was used by 38% of shoppers on and 25% at, while only 4% of confectionery shoppers on used the search bar.

“With so many forces driving total online shopping frequency, impulse categories are set to grow,” said Kantar Media client services director Sandy Livingstone. “At the moment confectionery is harder to find online and easier to miss if it’s not on the shopping list. There is a huge opportunity for confectionery manufacturers to make a greater appearance in online grocery baskets.”

Retailers and manufacturers could gain from working together to develop a more tailored and shopper-centric approach, he added. “This could include intercepting traffic at the right stage to serve a more impulse friendly product assortment, or looking specifically at how they search for confectionery items.”

The report covers the period from February to July 2013.