The advertising watchdog has kicked out two complaints about a Twitter push for Snickers that featured Rio Ferdinand talking about his love of knitting and Kate Price offering solutions to the Eurozone debt crisis.

The soccer ace’s tweets, sent from his official account, included “Can’t wait 2 get home from training and finish that cardigan”. Former glamour model Price, aka Jordan, posted messages including “Large scale quantitative easing in 2012 could distort liquidity of govt. bond market. #justsayin”.

Both series of tweets ended with a picture of the celeb holding a Snickers bar, alongside the message “You’re not you when you’re hungry @snickersUk #hungry #spon…”.

A complaint made about each ad questioned whether the activity was obviously marketing for the confectionery brand.

The Advertising Standards Authority found that the initial messages sent by the celebs, while they didn’t include any reference to Mars or Snickers, were sent in quick succession and effectively acted as teasers for the final message showing the Snickers bar.

“We considered the combination of those elements was sufficient to make clear the tweets were advertising and that consumers would then understand each series of tweets was a marketing communication,” it stated in its ruling.

The landmark ruling represents the first judgment by the body involving marketing via the micro-blogging site.

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