Health and fitness guru Rosemary Conley is putting her name to a range of flavoured still spring waters aimed at female dieters.
Rosemary Conley’s Spring Water comes in three variants - Orange & Mandarin, Cranberry & Blueberry and Apple & Pomegranate. Producer Strathmore Mineral Water said the range reflects increased demand for a more varied choice of bottled water flavours.
The new1.5l bottles are designed for drinking at-home , and have between one and six calories per serving.
A spokesman for Strathmore said it was in talks over securing retail listings for the drinks, but expected the products to be on shelves from March.
Conley’s name already appears on a number of low fat and low calorie products, including a skimmed milk, a range of probiotic fruit diet drinks and a chocolate mousse. Strathmore expects the water to benefit from the performance of these existing products.