When apples are consumed

In the last year there were 2.9 billion individual apple meal occasions, accounting for 30% of all fruit consumption occasions

Consumption of apples has decreased by 1.5 % versus last year

Half of all apple consumption is accounted for by baby boomers - the over 45s. In terms of their total consumption of fruit, they are less likely to consume apples than other varieties of fruit

Young men and women aged 17-24 show the best levels of growth since last year, up 12% and 23% respectively

Women dominate consumption accounting for 49%

A third of apples are consumed in the lunchbox and this has grown year-on-year by 4%

The core occasion in the home is the snack occasion

Breakfast is not a key occasion for apples, only 6% are consumed then, although it is in growth by 4%

The start of the week is the most popular time for apple consumption, with Monday the day when the largest percentage of apples are consumed (17%) dropping down to 9.7% on Sundays

Most apples are consumed with a cold drink (41%)

In the home, 1-2pm is the key time of day when apples are consumed, accounting for 15% of all in-home consumption

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