When canned salmon is eaten

  • There were 211 million canned salmon occasions in 2004, a decline of 0.7%

  • 47 million occasions of canned salmon were consumed for health reasons, accounting for one quarter of all reasons why canned salmon is consumed. However, it is less likely to be consumed for health reasons than other canned fish

  • 64% of canned salmon is consumed during the week, 36% at the weekend. Growth is coming from weekend consumption, which is 4% up on 2003

  • 74% of canned salmon is consumed by those aged 45 and over. Within this group, those over 65 are key, consuming 43% of the total volume

  • 13% of canned salmon is consumed from a lunchbox. However, it underperforms at this occasion compared with total canned fish (22%).This may be because those in its older consumer profile are less likely to eat from lunchboxes as they are retired

  • 87% of canned salmon occasions are in the home. Consumers have a higher propensity to eat it in the home compared with other canned fish

  • 36% of canned salmon is consumed at the weekend, compared with 24% of other canned fish

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