Consumption by age group

In the past year there were 10.6 billion individual potato meal occasions

Consumption of potatoes has increased by 0.3% on last year

72% of our potato consumption is made up of fresh potatoes - the remainder is processed potatoes

Potatoes are more likely to be eaten by males, who over-index at 10% versus total consumption. Females under-index at -7%

Among children, potatoes are most popular with 11-16 year olds, with 8% consumed by this demographic

Males aged 25-34 have increased their consumption of potatoes by 8% over the past year. Children aged 11-16 and females from 17-24 have increased their consumption by 2%. Consumption by males aged 17-24 and 35-44 has declined by 4% each

97.6% of the population consume potatoes at least 7.4 times in a two-weekly period

The key occasion for potato consumption is the evening meal, when 58% are eaten

One-quarter of potatoes are consumed with carrots

Potatoes are 343% more likely to be consumed with coated fish than other foods

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