When canned tomatoes are consumed
nOver 40% of canned tomatoes are consumed by adult males.
n28% of canned tomatoes are boiled.
nThe most important driver behind their consumption is because the "naturally complement foods". Canned tomatoes thrive on being a quick meal solution The evening meal is a key occasion for canned tomatoes where 60% are consumed compared with 23% of total foods eaten at this occasion.
Some 66% of canned tomatoes form part of a main meal. The evening meal is a growing occasion, up 3% vs last year, contributing to the 2% growth in the number of overall occasions.
Canned tomatoes benefit from their flexibility for a variety of dishes. As part of a light meal they are in strong growth at 17%, whereas in a main meal they are in decline by 4%. More than a third of canned tomatoes are consumed with bread, delivering a healthier option.
Adults aged 25-44 are a key age group, accounting for a third of consumption and are 10% more likely to consume canned tomatoes than other canned vegetables.
Adults aged 35-44 and children aged up to 10 are in the strongest growth at 7% and 8% respectively because canned tomatoes offer a quick meal solution to families.
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