Age profile of grape consumers

n Grapes were consumed on 945 million occasions last year, 12% more than in the previous year n Females aged 45+ account for 33% of grape consumption occasions, while children aged up to 16 account for 26% n Last year, 19% were eaten out of lunchboxes, growth of 13% A healthy snack particularly popular with females over 45Within the home, the biggest single occasion for grape consumption is as an in-home snack. This accounts for 34% of occasions and has increased by 23% over the past year.
This reflects the general trend towards healthier eating, with consumers increasingly opting for healthier snack alternatives. This is particularly true of children, as mothers take more control over what theirs are consuming.
Health is the key driver for grape consumption, accounting for 68% of occasions. Grapes are eaten consistently through the week, with a dip at weekends that matches the trend usually seen when monitoring foods consumed for the primary reason of health.
Generally consumers eat healthily in the week but switch to more indulgent foods at the weekend.
The healthy image of grapes is reinforced by the primary consumption group, females aged 45 and over. These people are generally more health-conscious than consumers of other ages.
In terms of meals, the most significant occasion is lunch, when 21% are eaten.
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