Age profile of salmon consumersnIn the past year non-canned salmon was consumed on 180 million occasions, up 23% on the previous 12 months
nAbout two thirds of salmon is eaten at the evening meal
n Adults aged 45 and over account for 62% of consumption
n 18% of salmon is eaten because it is healthyA double whammy of healthy eating and indulgenceSalmon consumption rose 23% in the past year, compared with 2.9% for total non-canned fish.
Salmon has an older consumer profile than total food. This is not surprising, given that health is a major driver for salmon, and older consumers are particularly concerned with health.
However, salmon also has a strong indulgence profile. Salmon is 65% more likely to be eaten as a treat than other fish.
While consumers aged 45+ still account for the majority of consumption, younger consumers are showing the strongest percentage growth.
Consumption is up among 25 to 34-year-old women by 73%, and among 25 to 34-year-old men by 51%. Children, too, are showing double-digit growth.
Although Friday is a traditional fish day, salmon is less likely to be consumed on this day than other fish. It is 68% more likely to be eaten on a Sunday. This is driven by consumption of smoked salmon, a fifth of which is eaten on
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