Consumption of apples by occasion

On average, 2.9bn apples are eaten in a year

Apples account for approximately 39% of our fruit consumption

The 45+ age bracket are the key eaters of apples, accounting for over 50% of total consumption.

Compared to other foods, females 45+ and males 45-64 are most likely to eat apples

Those least likely to eat apples are males 17-24

32% of lunch boxes contain an apple, making this the most popular occasion for this fruit

A fifth of apples are consumed at lunch and another fifth are consumed as snacks

Weekday consumption is key with over 80% eaten Monday to Friday, with a larger proportion eaten at the start of the week rather than the end

73 per cent of apples are consumed with a drink, whilst 15 per cent are eaten with biscuits

A third are eaten after a sandwich

Produced for The Grocer by TNS. Data annual to Nov 2002.

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