% individual meal occasion

n Strawberries account for 4.7% of total fruit consumption and about three-quarters of all soft fruit consumption
n Women over 45 are the key consumers accounting for 36% of consumption. They greatly over-index compared to total foods. Men over 45 represent 25% of consumption. Men 65+ greatly over-index against total foods
n Children only consume 15% of all strawberries compared to 21% of normal food consumption
n Strawberries are consumed through the day but 48% are consumed as part of the evening meal, down 15% on last year
n 8% are consumed at breakfast, 6% with cereal
n Strawberries are popular as a snack (9% of consumption)
n 18% are consumed on Sunday and one-third are at the weekend
n 22% are eaten with ice cream while 20% are eaten with cream 12% are eaten with cakes, tarts and pastries
n Strawberries are almost as likely to be consumed with a hot drink as a cold drink - 50% with a cold drink, 48% with a hot drink
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