Age profile of rice consumers

n Rice consumption has fallen 5% since 2002, down for all consumers apart from children 0-5 and males 25-34 who have increased their consumption
n Adults aged 65+ are low consumers of rice (10% of total consumption). Their consumption of total foods is at 19.5%.
n Rice is more likely to be consumed by younger adults (17-44). They account for 46% of total rice consumption while their proportion of normal food consumption is 34%
n 87% of all rice consumed is white rice. Children eat 20% of all white rice versus only 15% of all brown rice. Adults 35+ consume 69% of brown rice versus 52% for white rice
n 70% of all rice is consumed between 6pm and 9pm, 75% as part of the evening meal, 14% at teatime and only 10% at lunch
n Two-thirds of rice is eaten Monday to Thursday. Only 8% is eaten on a Sunday.
n 49% of rice is eaten with vegetables, The second most popular complementary food for rice is chicken (45%)
Produced for The Grocer by TNS. Data annual to May 2003.
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