What canned salmon is eaten with

n There were 212 million individual canned salmon meal occasions in the year ending May 2003
n Canned salmon accounts for 19.2% of all canned fish consumption and 6.6% of all fish consumption
n Over 65s are by far the heaviest consumers of canned salmon. They consume 43% of all canned salmon. This is in stark contrast to canned tuna where over 65s only account for 12% of its consumption
n In particular, women aged 65+ consume the most canned salmon accounting for 25% of consumption
n Lunchtime is the most popular time for consumption of canned salmon. 31% is consumed at lunch in the home and 13% is eaten from a lunchbox
n Canned salmon is not popular as a snack with only 4% of consumption
n Sunday is by far the most popular day of the week for canned salmon consumption when more than a fifth is consumed
n 81% of canned salmon is consumed with bread and rolls while half is consumed with salad
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