Age profile of fresh tomato consumers

n There were 3.6 billion individual fresh tomato meals consumed in the year ending May 2003
n Consumption of tomatoes has declined by 5% over the last year
n Almost 60% of tomatoes are consumed by men and women aged 45+
n Key consumers, however, are decreasing their consumption and growth is coming from younger consumers aged 25-34
n Just under 44% of tomatoes are consumed at the evening meal making them almost twice as likely as total foods to be consumed at this occasion
n The second largest occasion is lunch, with just over a third being consumed at this occasion
n Consumption of tomatoes is, however, declining at the evening meal compared to a year ago at -5.4%. There is some growth at breakfast and snacks. However, only a few tomatoes are actually consumed at these occasions
n 23% of tomatoes are consumed as part of a sandwich while 67% are consumed with hot food
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