When bananas are consumed

n In the last year there were 2.4 billion individual banana meal occasions
n Consumption has increased by 5.8% versus last year
n Women aged 65+ account for 22% of all bananas consumed
n Men and women aged 25-34 are showing the best levels of growth, 26.7% and 19.5% respectively versus the last year
n Kids’ banana consumption under-indexes across all ages in comparison to total foods. There are only two groups whose consumption is in decline - females aged 35-44 and children aged 11-16, but the decrease is very small; -0.7% and -0.5% respectively
n The core occasion for the consumption of bananas is breakfast where three out of every 10 bananas are consumed. Consumption around this occasion has shown a slight increase of 0.5%
n The only occasion that is in decline for banana consumption is the evening meal occasion (down 4.4%)
n The most popular days for consumption is Monday to Wednesday. These days account for nearly half of all bananas that are consumed
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