When cod is consumed

n In the last year there were 77.4 million individual cod meal occasions
n Consumption has fallen 8.9% compared with last year
n People aged 45 and over account for 65% of all cod consumption
n Cod is slightly more biased to females, with 46% being consumed by adult women over 17 years, compared to 43% of adult males
n The only age groups who are consuming more cod than they did last year are 0-5 year olds, up 42.8%, 6-10s, up 21.1%, and females 17-24 (up 0.9%)
n 66% of cod is consumed at the evening meal, with 17.2% consumed at teatime and 16% consumed at lunchtime
n When cod is consumed, 45.6% of these occasions will also feature peas
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