Percentage of meal occasions

n In the last year 147 million individual salmon meals were consumed
n The consumption of salmon is relatively static
n This market is extremely reliant on the older population with over three quarters of all salmon eaten by the over 45s alone, while over half of all salmon is eaten by women
n Children under-consume salmon. Only 8% of salmon is eaten by children compared to 21% of all food
n Salmon is heavily reliant on the evening meal occasion - 64% of salmon is eaten at the evening meal, with a quarter eaten at lunchtime
n 95% of salmon is consumed between noon and 9pm. Salmon consumption peaks at between 6pm and 7pm
n We are still traditional and enjoy fish on a Friday, although 18% of salmon consumption takes place on a Sunday
n The most popular way of cooking salmon is baking (25%) while 15% is cooked under the grill
n 33% of salmon is eaten with boiled or mashed potato
Produced for The Grocer by TNS. Data annual to May 2003.
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