When canned carrots are eaten

n In the last year there were 123.1 million individual canned carrot meal occasions
n The consumption of canned carrots has decreased by 6.3% versus last year
n Children account for 26.3% of all canned carrots that are consumed
n Females 65+ are showing the best level of growth, their consumption has grown by 8.3% versus last year
n The core occasion for the consumption of canned carrots is the evening meal. Over half of all canned carrots are consumed at this occasion and is increasing by 1.8%
n The next most popular meal for canned carrots is lunch with 24.3% being eaten at this occasion
n The most popular day for consumption is Sunday linking to the traditional Sunday Roast. This day accounts for 28.4%
n Canned carrots consumption then declines through the rest of the week, with Saturday accounting for the smallest share at 5.9%
n Potatoes are most commonly eaten with canned carrots
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