Who’s eating grapes?

n In the last year there were 591.3 million individual grape meal occasions
n The consumption of grapes has increased by 13.1%
n Children account for the consumption of 24.1% of all grapes, while males aged 25-34 are showing the best level of growth, doubling consumption
n The core time for the consumption of grapes is at the snack occasion, with more than a third of all grapes consumed at this time, with an increase last year of 21.4%
n The next most popular meal for grapes is lunch, with 24% being eaten at this occasion
n Grape consumption is evenly spread throughout the week and is on the increase every day versus last year
n Bread and rolls are most popularly eaten with grapes (36.5%) while cheese and biscuits are also high on the list, both with 16%
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