How mackerel is cooked

n 40 million occasions of mackerel are eaten in a year; smoked mackerel accounts for 51% of all mackerel consumed
n Consumption of total mackerel has grown by 6% over the past two years
n 2.2% of consumers will eat mackerel in a two-weekly period. They will do so approximately 1.5 times in this period
n Both penetration and frequency of people consuming mackerel have increased over the past year
n 60% of mackerel is consumed by people aged 45+
n The most popular meal occasion for mackerel is the evening meal - some 49% is consumed at this occasion. However, growth at this occasion has remained static
n Mackerel is more likely to be consumed at the evening meal than other fish, but less likely to be consumed at lunch. However, it has grown by three million occasions at lunchtime
n Mackerel is 23% more likely to be consumed cold than other fish
n Of the 63% of mackerel that is eaten hot, 15% is grilled and 1% is barbequed
n Mackerel is commonly eaten with bread, salad and potatoes
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