Dried fruit consumption by day of the week

n In the last year, there were 441.7 million individual meal occasions when dried fruit was consumed
n The consumption of dried fruit has increased by 1.5% versus last year
n Adults aged 45+ consume 69.5% of dried fruit, which is higher than their consumption of total fruit
n Both males 45-64 (+11.8%) and females 45-64 (+4.5%) have increased their consumption versus last year
n Dried fruit also has a female bias, with over half of all dried fruit eaten by adult females. Only one-third is eaten by adult men and the remainder by children
n The key occasion for the consumption is breakfast. Six out of every 10 dried fruit meals are eaten at this occasion and consumption is rising by 2.4%
n There is also a relatively high proportion eaten as an in-home snack (14%)
n Monday is the most popular day for eating dried fruit (16%). People then eat less as they move through the week and food consumption becomes less health-orientated
n Dried fruit is less likely to be eaten at the weekend
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