When tuna is consumed

n Canned tuna accounts for 64% of all canned fish consumed. The consumption of canned tuna has grown 2% since 1999

n Females 45-64 are the heaviest consumers, accounting for 12%

n Children account for 21% of consumption but only children 11-16 have increased their consumption over the last three years

n Females aged 25-34 account for 11% of total canned tuna consumption but have grown their overall consumption of this category by 18% over the last three years

n 36% of canned tuna consumption occurs at the lunchtime occasion and this has also grown 1.4% over the last three years. The lunchbox is the second biggest occasion for this category (31%) and has grown by 3.3% over the last three years

n The evening meal accounts for 21% of consumption but has shown the most significant growth of any other occasion (13.4%)

n 54% of canned tuna is consumed with bread and 10.2% is consumed with baked potatoes. Only 2.4% is consumed with a tub salad but this is showing the greatest growth at 62%

Produced for The Grocer by TNS. Data annual to Nov 2002.

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