Consumption of potatoes by occasion

% occasion
n In the last year there were 10.6 billion individual potato meals

n The consumption of potatoes has declined by 1.3% versus last year

n Children aged 0-5 under-consume potatoes (6.5%) in comparison to total foods and their consumption has declined by over 3% compared to last year

n The most significant group in decline are women aged 45-64 who represent 12.5% of the market and have declined by 2.5% versus last year

n Six out of every 10 potato meals consumed are part of an evening meal

n A mealtime for potatoes that is in growth is teatime, now accounting for 17.6% of consumption

n The most popular day of week for potato consumption is a Sunday, accounting for over 17%
% occasion 2003 vs 2002
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