When apricots are consumed

n 152 million servings of apricots were consumed in 2002

n Apricots account for 1.2% of our total fruit consumption

n 45% of apricots are consumed by the 45+, while females 65+ are more likely to consume apricots than other foods

n Children aged six-10 have shown growth in apricot consumption by 22% versus last year

n At a total level, consumption of apricots in the home and lunchbox has fallen 5.2 % versus 2001

n 42 % of apricots are consumed at breakfast, while the second largest occasion is in home snacks, at 17%

n Apricots are largely consumed during the week, peaking at the beginning of the week - Monday and Tuesday

n 89% of apricots are consumed with a drink. The largest food group complementary for apricots is breakfast cereals - accounting for 39%
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