Ways canned tomatoes are cooked

n 628 million servings of tinned tomatoes were consumed in the year to November 2002

n Tinned tomatoes have a very seasonal preference, being more popular in the winter and spring months than summer and autumn

n The category is in decline and has decreased 13% since 1998

n In volume, males aged 45-64 account for the highest consumption of tinned tomatoes - 13% - followed by women of the same age who consume 12%

n Tinned tomatoes are declining at all meal occasions apart from the evening meal where there has been a slight growth of 2%

n The most popular meal occasion for tinned tomatoes is the evening meal. 60% of all tinned tomatoes are consumed at this occasion

n The most popular cooking method for tinned tomatoes is boiled/steamed - 27% are prepared this way

n Other preparation methods include frying and microwaving
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