When canned tomatoes are consumed

n In the last year there were 536 million individual meals featuring canned tomatoes, a decrease of 13% on last year
n The consumer profile for canned tomatoes is skewed towards adults 17-65, with both kids and the over-65s under-represented
n There has been a sharp fall in the importance of the youngest segment: 0 to five-year-olds are down 30% on their 2002-2003 consumption levels and now account for under 6%
n The over-65s under-index for canned tomatoes, accounting for only 14% of consumption despite accounting for over 20% of foods eaten at home. This trend is mirrored by all cooking sauces
n The core occasion is the evening meal (62%) - more than six out of every 10 canned tomato occasions occur here
n The decline in canned tomato consumption has been concentrated at the lunchtime occasion. Lunch accounts for only 11% of consumption, behind breakfast at 13% of consumption
n Consumption of canned tomatoes is less on Fridays (12%) and Sundays (13%) due to competition with the traditional meals of fish and roast meat
n Breakfast consumption of canned tomatoes extends quite late into the day. Peak morning consumption is at 9-10am
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