apple watch

Apple Pay is planning a major European launch in 2016 that could “turn the fragmented mobile payment world upside down” believes Ralf Ohlhausen, business development director of electronic payment specialists the PPRO Group. Although setting up a “unified payment system overnight would be virtually impossible”, he doesn’t believe it will put Apple off trying, especially as rival tech company Google is also trying to carve out a dominant position in the mobile payment marketplace.

Whatever happens with Apple, he also believes 2016 will be the year that mobile payments become less dependent on smartphones as wearable tech including “smartwatches, bracelets and even rings will give us the ability to provide payment options”. As for those lingering security fears, Ohlhausen predicts new biometric processes like “voice recognition, keystroke detection, finger vein scanners and pulse recognition” will supersede the “weak methods currently used, like passwords, PINs and fingerprints”.

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