Breezer Twist
Rebecca Ridgers, 29, customer support assistant from banbury, oxfordshire

Beer is my drink of choice but I don't object to the odd tipple of spirits and Bacardi is usually quite high on the list.
The lime flavour's bright green bottle looks pretty funky and would certainly draw my attention on shelf, but I'm afraid that is the most favourable impression the product made.

The lime smell is very strong and reminds me of lime cordial. Although that is not unpleasant, it unfortunately also has overtones of mouthwash and cleaning products and the taste is reminiscent of cough medicine. 

It tastes marginally better with mixers but I still won't be tempted to buy it. I don't really understand why the company has launched it. If it is aiming for the younger market, surely Bacardi Breezer already does a better job?
Score: 4/25