Maryland Cookies
Scott Wells, 25, flight attendant from liverpool 

I am a fan of Maryland Cookies and I like the idea of this more convenient, portable format ­ I will be able to eat them while I'm on the move.

I enjoyed the taste of the caramel variety, but it certainly wasn't groundbreaking. In fact, the combination tastes rather like Twix.

The chocolate-covered version of the original Maryland cookies may taste more like the biscuits I'm used to.
The gold packaging is shiny and striking but unfortunately, because of the colour, it resembles Mini Crunchie. It probably needs to be a bit more distinctive to differentiate it.

Although I can see myself buying an occasional multipack of these, I think they are more aimed at families. I look forward to being able to buy a single biscuit if they become available, but I have to say they are probably too similar to other products on the market. 
Score: 15/25