An energy drink with more than three times the caffeine levels of Red Bull is set to go on sale later this year.

Cut Cocaine, a variant on the US  energy drink Cocaine produced by Redux Beverages, contains 280mg of caffeine in a single can – significantly more than in Red Bull, which is good for only 80mg.

Currently, the most caffeine in an existing UK drink is to be found in Relentless, the Coca Cola-owned energy drink that launched last year and includes 160mg per serving. A single cup of instant coffee contains around 65mg.

Cocaine, which made its US debut in 2006 and also contains 750mg of taurine, was the subject of controversy after complaints that its name encouraged drug use. In the UK, energy drinks have recently drawn criticism for allegedly causing health problems and for fuelling unruly behaviour in over-stimulated schoolchildren.

The brand will be distributed in the UK by Kent-based company Ocke Cokey.

The most highly caffeinated drink in the world is thought to be Whoop Ass, with no less than 550mg per serving.