A new range of baby leaf salads, a golden papaya, sweet green peppers and sliced chicory are among the 10 nominations for this year’s Fruit Logistica Innovation Award.

Belgium-produced Flandria Baby Leaf salads are a range of different lettuce varieties harvested when young and tender, with production ensuring minimal discoloration and extended shelf life.

Paiola papaya from Malaysia differs from traditional varieties due to its uniformly golden colour and a firm fresh pulp even when ripe. It also has a two-week longer shelf life for transportation to Europe.

Dutch Sweet Green Peppers, bred by Enza Zaden, have a vitamin content 30% higher than other green pepper varieties. They also have a sweet flavour and retain their dark green colour for longer.

Sliced chicory, from France, is a convenience product, vacuum packed for the ready-to-eat market