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A third of independent retailers have never heard of the EU Tobacco Products Directive legislation (EUTPD2), according to Palmer & Harvey. 

When the EUTPD2 legislation sell-out period finishes in May 2017, retailers will no longer be able to sell packs of cigarettes with fewer than 20 sticks and roll-your-own tobacco pouches weighing less than 30g will also be banned. 

Almost a quarter of retailers admitted they did not know the minimum quantity of packs would change and almost half did not know menthol and flavoured cigarettes would be banned in 2020.

The research by the wholesaler, in conjunction with Him!, found that 75% of independent retailers also did not think their customers were aware of the changes in the law.

“This is a huge change to tobacco regulation and it is worrying that not all retailers are aware of the legislation yet,” said Palmer & Harvey MD Martyn Ward.

“This research shows that tobacco companies and wholesalers need to ensure that retailers are fully informed about EUTPD2 as soon as possible. This is why we have set up an EUTPD2 communications team to help advise retailers during this critical time. We will be doing everything we can to help and support retailers through this change and minimise impact to their business.”