In a bid to increase the size of the organic milk pool, Unigate is offering a package to help producers to convert to organic production. The incentive is an interest free loan in the form of additional 2ppl on milk deliveries, with free advice and assistance on compliance and husbandry issues. The loan is recovered after conversion in the form of a 2ppl deduction after conversion, when producers are promised a better price than the current average 30ppl for raw organic milk. "We're looking for real commitment and very high standards from producers who sign up for this," said a Unigate spokeswoman. "We're not talking beads and sandals ­ this is a serious business proposition." Unigate has a higher proportion of large dairy producers among its suppliers and has held back from actively recruiting for potential organic producers to date. There is an added impetus from the merger with Dairy Crest, which has yet to become involved in organic dairy production. {{PROVISIONS }}