Coors Brewers is putting £11m behind its Coors Light brand, giving the lager an image overhaul and a new taste.

The company said it had identified a demand for an even lighter-tasting beer at about 4.7% abv in the UK and had brewed the lager using a process that breaks down starch to create a lighter, crisper and more refreshing drink.

"Based on current market conditions and consumer trends, now is the right time to drive the light part of the Coors brand," said sales director John Holberry.

"The proportion of premium lager drinkers who prefer lighter-tasting lagers is increasing and it has a broad appeal to men and women, so the new Coors Light is ideally placed to maximise profit in the evolving light beer sector."

The marketing investment includes cinema and outdoor ads as well as activities in all the main retailers. The brewer is also launching a distribution drive in the impulse channel targeting 3,000 independent retailers.