Coors will protect the value of Carling

John Holberry Sales director, Coors Brewers Sir; You report that beer companies are "hit by promotional warfare", which is resulting in a fall in sales for leading UK brewers (The Grocer, 7 July, p64). Yes, for Coors this has sometimes been true, but it is a price that we are prepared to pay to build our brands. While the price that retailers charge for beers is entirely up to them, we refuse to discount our wholesale prices in order to fund ­aggressive supermarket pricing on Carling. Coors has been focused on building the Carling brand rather than merely buying share. The figures show that in the past year, Carling has maintained a retail price per litre at £1.31, ahead of the other mainstream lager brands (Carlsberg and Foster's). Indeed, both these two brands have seen their prices fall in the past year while Carling has held firm. At Coors Brewers, we are totally committed to building our brands. We are prepared to make a stand and lose some short-term share in the interests of building our brand in the off-trade. Once shoppers see a beer as competing simply on price, it rapidly loses their respect and commercial oblivion beckons. We have no intention of allowing this to happen to Carling.