Only three full baskets again this week, and Morrisons' Netherfield store was the cheapest of the bunch at £38.95, trailed by Tesco Bar Hill at £39.39 and Safeway Chorlton-cum-Hardy 40.15. Our Scottish mystery shopper left Hamilton Sainsbury with neither eggs nor frozen chicken, while our south east shopper was also unable to find the right frozen chicken. The out of stock situation has improved somewhat for Jacob's Creek ­ this week only the Welsh mystery shopper was left high and dry. There are some very low prices across the board in bacon: only our shoppers in the south west and East Anglia had to pay over £2 for a pack of eight rashers. Service levels drew comment again: in the north east our shopper was struggling to get through fleets of roll cages as the shelves were being stocked late in the morning. Safeway's deep price cutting was in evidence, with a 49p box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes ­ but nearby Hale had deep cuts on a completely different selection of products. Chorlton-cum-Hardy was also cluttered with roll cages and marked down for an unsmiling cashier. With a small sample, our weekly average rose by over £1, although our monthly average only drifted up by just 4p. {{GROCER 33 }}