Cornish Early new potatoes are set to be in supermarkets next week, marking the start of a four-week season.
Asda and Somerfield will sell them in branded tray liners, but it is unclear which of the other multiples will stock them.
It is understood that Tesco will not, though it will be selling unbranded new potatoes grown in Cornwall.
“We hope to get them into Sainsbury and Morrisons, but decisions are made at the last minute,” said a spokeswoman for Taste of the West.
Like those elsewhere in Europe, growers in Cornwall have been affected by wintry weather. But representatives this week were confident their harvest was on track.
In this year’s promotional activity, Cornish Early potatoes will be marketed under the ‘Deliciously Dirty’ slogan. Growers claim Cornish Earlies must be sold dirty to protect their delicate nature.
The spokeswoman said: “Without the dirt they would be ruined, so our campaign is about getting consumers and retailers to ‘celebrate the dirt’.”
Average yield is 3,500 tonnes/year.
Meanwhile, on Jersey, lifting of potatoes by hand has begun after the island escaped predicted harsh weather.
A spokesman said: “The wind-chill made it a lot cooler than we would like and will have a drying effect on soils.
“However, the crop will continue to develop and is still looking very uniform. Volumes will remain light initially with a decrease in the overall size of the tubers lifted early on.”
Richard Clarke