In last week's Focus On Butters and Spreads, we published a table of advertising spends that contained inaccurate figures.

The total spend figures should have read thus:

Flora £5m (-26.6% year-on-year)
Lurpak £4.5m (+5.1%)
Clover £4.4m (+113.5%)
Country Life £3.1m (-8.1%)
KerryGold £2m (+127.3%)
Anchor £1.8m (-67.7%)
ICBINB £1.4m (201.2%)
Flora Pro-activ £1m (+1806.2%)
Flora Light £0.7m (+113.9%)
Bertolli £0.5m (-76.4).

The sentence relating to Country Life's withdrawal of advertising over the past year actually related to the past six months.