Costcutter contactless payment tech

Costcutter is bringing contactless payment to 500 stores

Costcutter has introduced contactless payment technology to more than 500 of its stores.

The new technology allows customers to make low-value transactions of up to £20 quickly and conveniently. The supermarket group says it is part of its commitment to deliver retail technology solutions to its members.

“This is a major achievement for Costcutter Supermarkets Group, the symbol group sector and independent retailers,” said IT director Kevin Widdrington.

“Costcutter Supermarkets Group is one of the first symbol groups to install this technology across the independent retail sector and puts our retailers on a par with the multiple operators who use the same payment technology in their stores.”

The new VX 820 PIN pad terminals, which include a digital display that can be used to show adverts and key promotions, have been installed in collaboration with payment technology solutions provider Box Technologies. The units allow contactless payment by credit/debit card and near-field communication payment by smartphones.

“Contactless payment speeds up transactions, making paying for your shopping quicker, and therefore more convenient. The cost per transaction can also be significantly lower than traditional chip and pin payments, offering potential cost savings for our members,” Widdrington added.