Lever Fabergé is set to run a door-drop promotion to two million households in a bid to boost sales of its laundry detergent brand Surf.
It wants to encourage consumers to test its guarantee that all three formats of Surf ­ powder, tablet or capsule ­ will remove the 99 most common stains or they'll get their money back. As a further incentive, the door drop contains 30p-off next purchase coupons, redeemable at all major multiples.
Kicking off on July 7, with coupons valid to the end of the month, the promotion is aimed primarily at 18 to 39-year-old women with children. It forms part of a £4m round of marketing support for the brand, set to include posters, press and radio advertising.
All the activity highlights the three-fragrance brand's reformulation last year, which culminated in the stain removal promise.
According to brand manager Shahla Rushworth, the promise gives consumers who didn't already buy Surf a strong reason to try it.
"Surf is in a quarter of UK households and loyalty to the brand has increased 3% since the relaunch," she said.