Brewer Wells & Young's is planning a £2m relaunch of its Courage beers, which it acquired earlier this year from rival brewer Scottish & Newcastle UK.

Developing the brand in the off-trade where it currently underperforms was a priority, said marketing director Chris Lewis.

The portfolio, which includes Courage Best, Courage Directors, Courage Light and Courage Dark Mild, will be relaunched in October with a TV ad campaign.

The company is also working to refresh the brand identity and is looking at packaging changes.

"We are looking to update and refresh the brand but will keep the changes subtle," said Lewis. "We don't want to do anything too radical, just to modernise the look a bit to reawaken interest."

He confirmed that the brewer also had plans to develop new beers for the brand, but declined to go into detail.

Initial activity will be based on Best and Directors, as the best-known beers in the portfolio.

"Directors is especially under-represented in the off-trade. It is available in bottles and is a popular beer but it isn't widely listed so that is a big priority for us," said Lewis.

"The acquisition of the brands from S&N has given us a rich portfolio of ales to get behind.

"They have been unsupported for over a decade but we feel they have great potential and have big plans for the future."