Sainsbury is going all out to prove to the UK industry that it is throwing its weight behind Cox apples this season.
Using research data from Taylor Nelson Sofres for the four weeks ending October 10, the retailer has claimed its market share by value was 25.07%, which represents an increase of 160% year-on-year, double that of its nearest competitor. The comparable Tesco share was 12.28%, according to the TN Sofres data.
Sainsbury's total English apple share by value is 26.4% well ahead of its nearest competitor at 19.5%. In volume terms this translates into 22.8% against 20.6%.
Sainsbury buyer Marcus Hoggarth said: "We are delighted with the excellent start to the season, attributed to the superior quality product our growers are providing, and the support we are getting from store colleagues and key suppliers to help us market the fruit."