Cadbury Trebor Bassett is cracking open a new £5m marketing campaign to support its regular seasonal stalwart Creme Egg.

The first phase of the activity, which includes outdoor and TV ads as well as a digital campaign, kicks off on New Year's Day with posters showing giant Creme Eggs crash-landing on earth.

The idea is to create excitement for the brand's three-month return, reinforced by new advertising around the company's ongoing Coronation Street sponsorship. The next stage will encourage shoppers to interact with the brand in their own style, and reinforce the brand's playful image.

The 'My Way' TV execution gets a re-run from the middle of February. Digital media adds support with interactive gaming and on-line sponsorship.

"No other filled egg looks like it, tastes like it, or delivers the huge profit opportunity that Cadbury Creme Egg does," said Mike Tipping, head of customer relations.Stock will be available to all retailers later this month.