Increased consumer popularity and grower returns are thought to be driving a growth in the planting of Cripps Pink apples in the southern hemisphere. Chile is showing it can compete with the established summer producers in Australia and South Africa by exporting some 70,000 cartons this season.
Over half were branded Pink Lady and made premiums estimated to be in the region of $5-6 a carton over ordinary Cripps. However, some growers representing more than 2,500 unlicensed acres have yet to sign the voluntary agreement with Coregeo, the brand licensing managers for the apple.
Latest estimates point to 48,000 tonnes of Pink Lady being available from Europe this season. The majority will come from France, although there are also pockets of production in Italy, Spain and Portugal.
French fruit has arrived in UK supermarkets with some of the first being traypacked fours sold by Safeway at £1.99. The brand will also benefit from advertising for the first time in women's magazines this winter.