Masterfoods is unwrapping a £15m first-year marketing spend for its new Mars Delight offering amid criticism over the product’s fat content.
The fmcg giant claims the newcomer is its biggest innovation for a decade. However, the wafer, chocolate and caramel cream combination is also its most fattening, with each 40g bar containing 14g of fat - 20% of the recommended daily intake for a woman.
As reported in The Grocer last year (November 8, 2003, p54), the new line, launched in Ireland in August, is a lighter weight format for the iconic
Mars brand and is aimed primarily at women. The company claimed it was already the number two bestselling countline in Ireland.
Marketing activity will position Delight as an indulgent treat with TV ads kicking off in late May, followed by posters. There will also be significant investment in PoS materials. A spokeswoman said the product was designed as a treat for adults and pointed out that each bar contained only 111 calories.
“Adults recognise that they can enjoy an occasional chocolate bar as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle,” she added.
And Paul Cousins, director of Catalyst Marketing Consultants, said the adverse publicity was unlikely to be an issue. “In chocolate, indulgence and taste is everything. In other categories, women will check the fat and calorie content, but I’ve never come across it in confectionery. As long as the product delivers on taste it has great potential.”
Mary Carmichael