Growers have warned that some commercial crops of fruit and vegetables will die out in the UK if the government pushes through a change to pesticides rules.

They are opposing steps to make growers pay the full cost of registering pesticides for approval under the SOLA system. SOLA is a way of gaining quick approval for an already proven pesticide on a new crop.

However, the cost of approval is set to rise from £470 each to £1,700 - a price which will have to be borne by the grower. It will cost them millions over the next four years.

In the past up to 100 new SOLAs are given every year, but the NFU says growers won't be able to afford it on minor crops.

NFU horticulture board chairman Richard Hirst said: "This would lead to an increase in imports and reduce the amount of UK product for UK customers at a time when the government is promoting healthy eating and the value of fruit and veg to a healthy diet."