from Mike Tipping, head of customer relations, Cadbury Trebor Bassett

Sir; I read your article Nestlé assault with Blue Label (The Grocer, July 24, p5) with interest and was intrigued to note the comment by Nestlé’s Graham Walker that category innovation is key to sustained success in this area.
This is an approach we’ve subscribed to at Cadbury Trebor Bassett for some time and, as our customers will know, our commercial focus has driven our recent success in the crucial large block chocolate category.
Since the relaunch last September of our flagship Cadbury Dairy Milk master brand with new packaging and a number of new variants to offer our consumers even more choice, the brand has grown by 23%. We’ve attracted more than half a million new consumers, adding more than £50m to the value of the brand. In fact, of the £32m increase in sales of large block chocolate over the past 12 months, CTB has contributed 66% of this growth.
Product innovation has been key to our overall performance, which has seen CTB grow ahead of the market and increase market share.
We’re delighted with this success and would like to thank all our customers for the huge support they’ve shown us.
CTB will continue to lead the way in demonstrating the value of well thought out and well executed innovation that serves the needs of consumers and customers alike.
n Note: All data sourced from ACNielsen, MAT July 2004, total market.