Cumbrian Seafoods is introducing a system that will allow shoppers to trace the source of the fish they buy in the supermarket.

Cumbrian has been using a traceability system supplied by Trace Register in the US for warm water prawns since 2008 and now plans to roll it out across all its chilled fish products.

By March 2011, Cumbrian plans to upload the traceability data to its website, allowing shoppers to see the boat on which their seafood has been caught or the water in which it has been farmed. Consumers can access the information by typing the product name, use-by date on-pack and the name of the retailer where the product was bought into the website.

The information will be available for Cumbrian's three branded products Ocean Pure, Perfect Catch and For The Love Of Fish and will be offered to retailers for use on their own-label lines.